Senior Transportation

Many individuals are confined without adequate senior transportation. They are required to rely on friends and family to get places. This leaves the senior isolated and makes it difficult to access important life essentials such as medical care and grocery shopping. Premier Senior Care can help. Whether the transportation be to a doctor’s appointment, shopping or to visit a friend, our caregivers help you get to where you want to go.Our services go beyond a normal elder transportation service, we offer the transportation in conjunction of our caregiving and companionship services. This means that in addition to taking you were you need to go, we help you make appointments, get ready for the appointments, take any necessary notes during your appointment and aid in any follow-up care such as picking up prescriptions.

Transportation Services Provided

Doctor’s & Dental Appointments

Hair Salon or Barber Appointments

Religious Services

Senior Fitness Classes

Medical Testing and Procedures

Prescription Pick-up

Visiting Friends and Family

Social Activities and Family Events

Grocery Shopping