Choosing a home care provider that is best for you or your loved one is an important decision. This decision involves examining the ability to pay for the cost of senior care. There are numerous payment options available for home care. You may find that home care is more affordable than you realize.



Some home care is covered by Long Term Care Insurance so you or your loved ones do not have to pay. Premier Senior Care works alongside your existing insurance company aiding in process. The use of this insurance can minimize the financial impact of long term care over time. Please contact us to discuss your insurance benefits and determine if Premier Senior Care accepts your insurance.


Veterans Benefits- Veteran’s benefits are available to former service members. The Veteran’s Administration aids Veterans and their families cope with financial challenges by providing supplemental income through the Veterans Pension and Survivors Pension benefit programs, which includes long and short term care. Benefits may range up to $2,019 monthly for a veteran and spouse, and up to $1,094 for the widow of a veteran. Premier Senior Care works with the Veteran’s Administration to make sure you or your loved ones get the benefits they are entitled to receive.


Reverse Mortgage- A reverse mortgage is a mortgage loan offered to homeowners 62 years of age and older. The loan turns the equity in the seniors residence into cash. The monies are pulled from the home equity as a lump sum to provide aid for short and long term care. Premier Senior Care can provide referrals to aid you in locating a loan company that offers these services.


Life Insurance- A Life Care Assurance Benefit plan is a Life Insurance Conversion Program that is a sale by the life insurance by the policy holder to a third party in exchange for monthly payments made to a long term care provider such as Premier Senior Care. The Life Care Assurance Benefit is extremely helpful to seniors and many families as they have found the option as an alternate source of senior care funding


Many individuals pay for in-home care through private funds such as savings and investments. Premier Senior Care offers monthly payment plans for our client’s convenience.

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