Choosing the type of senior care that is best for you is an important decision that includes examining the needs of the senior and the cost to provide for those needs.  Many individuals in the same search find themselves uncertain of the potential financial burden for care.  However, care may be more affordable than you realize.

The Average Cost of In Home Care

The cost of non-medical home health care varies on location and the extent of care. However, a recent survey, by Genworth help to explain these costs.

Genworth’s “Cost of Care Survey” showed a California average of non medical elder care of $25 per hour for 2017.

In comparison, Genworth’s survey showed California Nursing Home rates for 2017 had a Median average of $115,417 per year, or $9,618 per month.

Additional Cost Benefits of Home Care

Many seniors suffer from slips and falls which can be extremely costly with hospital stays and doctor visits. These falls often happen during normal daily activities. Premier Senior Care can help by providing a reliable hand and compassionate caregivers with knowledge and experience in keeping seniors steady while on their feet.

Premier Senior Care additionally aids in medication reminders and tracking of medication. This prevents more serious health conditions from missed or overdosed medication.

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